Visitor Information

Here’s some information to access to Adventure Park Veglio!

Here’s some information to access to Adventure Park Veglio!


Every people must fill our acceptance of safety techniques and regulations befor access to the Adventure Park.
You can download it here.


  1. Before starting the element, is compulsory to read the regulations  to attempt and testing the safety briefing (how to use PPE, technical safety advises and difficult areas, etc). Users will be asked to fill and signed a form about that.
  2. Customer under the effect of drugs, alcohol and medicines cannot ask to enter the park.
  3. Cellular phones, keys, coins etc. must be kept by friends at the entrance.
  4. Trekking or sport shoes are compulsory as well as to tie long hair.
  5. For safety reasons spectators are invited to stay inside their reserved areas and are not allowed to stay under the elements or platforms.
  6. Entrance is allowed only with ticket paid and only after have passed the safety briefing and test by the Instructor. The ticket cost includes: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety briefing, surveillance by the personnel.
  7. Last entrance is allowed at least 2 hrs prior the closing hour.
  8. The access to each trail of this Adventure Park is ruled by specifications specified inside the general map.
  9. Personal Protective Equipment (harness, karabiners, etc.), are rented to customers for fixed time and they must be worn in the presence of an instructor. It is forbidden to leave the park wearing the harness.
  10. An ID card will be asked at the reception for the PPE rental duration.
  11. Every customer will be autonomous walking on elements through the Adventure Park, therefore under 18 its only personal liability. Adults accompanying minors will be liable for them.
  12. Each user progresses along the parcours independently and under their own responsibility or , if accompanied by an adult / guardian, under the responsibility of the latter. Adults accompanying minors will be liable for them.
  13. Customers must follow signals and instructors advises during the elements.
  14. It is strictly compulsory before accessing each course, correctly insert the special hook “Zaza” to the safety cable marked with red signs, and use the second carabiner on the safety cord as shown during the instructive briefing.
  15. For the climbing tree “Up2Tree” is required to await the presence of the Instructor for the connection of the safety harness to the carabiner. It is forbidden to perform this maneuver autonomously.
  16. On each element is allowed 1 person.
  17. On platforms only 3 people are allowed, so please wait until the next platform will be free.
  18. It is forbidden to swing and shake the safety wires.
  19. It is forbidden to throw any kind of objects.
  20. Dogs have to be kept under leash.
  21. It’s forbidden to smoke inside the Adventure Park area.
  22. Management can stop customers that are not able or fit enough for Adventure Park elements.
  23. Any customer that won’t keep a safe behaviour will be asked to go out from the Park.
  24. This Adventure Park is covered by a Product liability insurance and by a Third part Liability Insurance. We inform users that a Personal Injuries Insurance is not included.
  25. It is strictly forbidden to enter the park during the closing time or without the parcoavventura instructors.
  26. The management is not liable in case of not observing regulation listed.


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